About Us:

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About Us:

In the first 18 years of our marriage from hell, there was drug and alcohol abuse, infidelity and no true respect for one another.  By the grace of God, we decided to turn our lives around for our kids. We have committed our lives to Him. Upon renewing our vows for the fourth time, my husband and I asked God to be the head of our household and to show us how to have a healthy and God-filled marriage.

It’s been 36 years now and we are still loving, laughing, learning and enjoying each other.  We knew that if God could heal us from drug and alcohol abuse and infidelity, that He can also heal other marriages. So, being obedient to the calling He has placed on our lives, we began ministry for marriages some 14 years ago. We use our past as a testimony of God’s love, grace, and mercy. These gifts of the spirit that He offered to us are also available to help turn things around for your marriage.

If you’re ready to stand and fight for your marriage, then you’ll need warriors around you. You’ll need a place to come and share your feelings openly and honestly, in a place that’s safe and a place full of other couples like you that are going down this same path. You are not alone and your situation isn’t so unique or awful that it cannot be restored.

If Christian marriage help is what you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place!

  • Have you ever had to deal with the turmoil of drug & alcohol abuse in your marriage?
  • What about infidelity?
  • Are you seeking to recover the love you once had for your spouse?
  • Do you need to learn how to receive/give forgiveness?
  • Do you need a safe place where you and your spouse can come to share with and listen to other couples in an open interactive discussion of God’s will for marriage?

For more information about our meeting dates and location: fambldrs@gmail.com – 760.537.0441


2 responses to “About Us:

  1. Looking forward to some great teaching by an annointed family of God!

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